After reading my book “North Yorkshire Moors Murders” a lady called Barbara who lives on the moors contacted me. She said that she had researched a number of crimes in the area and that, whilst having no interest in writing a book herself, she would love to see the work in print.

What particularly interested me was that she knew relatives of the murder victims in some of the cases and was able to provide information and photographs that have never been in the public domain.

We got together and “The Devil Rode Across The Moors” is the result of our collaboration. She shared her time, her research, her “inside knowledge, her photographs and her friendship for which I am truly grateful. This illustrated book is finished but our friendship is permanent.

This new edition is a 2 for 1 because it now includes the book "North Yorkshire Moors Murders" in full.

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Books I've published

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The Rotherham Trunk Murder

Was Andrew Bagley, born a policeman’s son in the South Notts village of Bunny, innocent of the murder of 16 year old Irene Hart? Examining the evidence in forensic detail, the author asks all the questions the trial scandalously didn't.

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Murder and Me

In the mid-nineteenth century, there had been a murder in my house. In the same year, I learned that my husband’s great -great -great grandfather had been publicly hanged for murder in 1861. Remembering that I had a tenuous connection to three other murder cases, I decided to write them all down into this short book.

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The South Croydon Poisonings

“How strange are the coincidences which have harmed my family. It has been said that we must have an enemy who has done all this”. So said the beautiful Grace Duff when members of her family began dying from arsenic poisoning. Was she right, or was the murderer closer to home?

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The Abdy Farm Murders

In 1912, two little girls, 10 year old Amy Collinson and 7 year old Frances Nicholson, were murdered on their way home from a Christmas concert. Amy had also been raped. 24 year old Walter Sykes was quickly arrested tried and hanged, but people in the town believe he wasn't the murderer - and they know who it truly was...

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The Bizarre Bartlett Poisoning

The story of Adelaide Bartlett, her husband Edwin and the Reverend George Dyson is one of the most bizarre and puzzling in British criminal history. This book tells the story, examines the trial evidence, and puts forward a new theory to explain this strange and disturbing Victorian murder mystery.

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Falsely Accused

What must it feel like to be arrested and accused of a murder that you didn't commit?
In this book three such men - falsely accused - were eventually acquitted and freed by the justice system, but were they ever truly free again?

This book takes a look at the lives of Ian Bernard Spencer, Fred Barlow, and William Herbert Wallace after the acquittal.

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Dear Sir, I wish to make a complaint

When we get faulty goods or a bad service most of us like to get it off our chest by firing off a letter of complaint. There must be millions of them written every year, all destined to be a bit of extra work for somebody to deal with, and then dispatched to their "Rubbish" bin, never to be seen again.

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Somewhere along that journey she disappeared and her naked and violated body was found in a ditch the next day.

Scotland Yard led the investigation, and after a couple of weeks 28 year old Leonard Richardson, a married man and father of two young children, was arrested and charged.

The book examines the evidence gathered during the investigation and presented at his Old Bailey trial in great detail. Was the "Not Guilty" verdict just or did he get away with murder?

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A bit about me

Jeannette Hensby

A long career in Local Government Social Services Departments, and in N.H.S. Mental Health Services instilled in me a keen interest in psychology and in people’s behaviour. When I took early retirement I envisaged a lazy life with lots of time to indulge myself in one of my favourite pastimes - reading True Crime books, but that wasn’t to be. A childhood memory, a dark family secret, and a possible miscarriage of justice led me to thoroughly research an eighty year old crime, and then to write a book about it “The Rotherham Trunk Murder”. I had caught the writing ”bug” and a whole new career has opened up for me, researching and writing about true crime cases; with a particular interest in those that might have involved a miscarriage of justice.

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